Paul Walwyn

Paul Walwyn

Paul Walwyn

Criminal Defense Attorney

You should Know Your Rights. Never let the prosecution or the police create the facts for you.


You should Put your case in the hands of an experienced lawyer who can get the facts and tell your story.

You deserve Justice. You are innocent until proven guilty. Let Paul Walwyn navigate the legal system for you


Even if you don't hire him, make sure your lawyer can deliver results as good as Paul Walwyn.


Speak with Paul Walwyn about accusations of Homicide, DUI, Possession of Illegal Substances, Traffic Violations and any other criminal allegation.


Trial Expertise: Paul Walwyn has an extraordinary winning record in jury trials as a result of his resourcefulness and charming demeanor. Juries naturally feel comfortable with Paul and that helps him present your story clearly and convincingly.


Determination. Paul Walwyn has developed a relentless drive to win cases. While no lawyer can guarantee success in any legal matter involving a jury or judge, Paul can guarantee that he will never quit advocating on your behalf until you are acquitted or an acceptable disposition has been obtained. Paul Walwyn certainly earns his attorney fees. But he has also earned a solid reputation in Tennessee for putting his clients’ interests first and foremost.